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Jerusalem, the holy city, has a lot to offer the tourist. From historical and cultural sites to leisure and artistic venues, Jerusalem has attractions to please everyone. By combining the old and unique architectural buildings with modern designed skyscrapers and shopping malls, Jerusalem has succeeded in becoming a beautiful city that ideal for one to tour in. Today, Jerusalem is modern and high tech city, which provides all the modern day infrastructures and services. As stated in the ancient Talmud, 10 pillars of beauty that were given to the world, Jerusalem received 9 of them.

From the Western Wall Tunnels to the Machane Yehuda Market, when you come to tour Jerusalem, you are bound to fill your time with great attractions. The holy city of Jerusalem is rich in historical sites and has many places to shop. Jerusalem in now a united city in which all religions are free to practice. When Jerusalem was captured by the Israeli Defence Forces they united the city and made it safe for all to tour in. Every brick and stone in the city of Jerusalem can tell a story of a thousand pages. Jerusalem is now the capital of Israel in which all people of the world are welcome to tour.
Jerusalem (Yerushalaim) – “Abode of Peace”, the eternal city, the capital of Israel, the holiest city in the world. It is Israel’s largest city in both population (763,800) and area (125.1 sq. km, 48.3 sq. mi). Jerusalem is located in the eastern part if the country, between the Mediterranean Sea and the northern edge of the Dead Sea, in the hilly green area called the Judean Mountains. Jerusalem boasts a pleasant Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and relatively mild, wet winters with the occasional snow.
The tiny area of the Old City of Jerusalem is home to the holiest site of Judaism, the temple mount. King David established the city of Jerusalem in 1000 BC as the capital of the united kingdom of Israel. King David’s tomb is located in the city of Jerusalem, and many people come every year to King Solomon, his son, later built the First Temple in Jerusalem. Jerusalem has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times and captured and recaptured 44 times. It was first settled in the 4th millennium BCE which makes it one of the oldest cities in the world.
A brief historical sketch
Before King David’s conquest of Jerusalem in the 11th BCE the city was home to the Jebusites. The city consisted of the area south of the Dung Gate, outside of the walls. King David’s son, Solomon, built the First Temple which was destroyed by the Babylonian king Nabuchadnezar in the 7th century BCE, and rebuilt shortly after the return from the Babylonian exile (known as the Second Temple).Muslims conquered Jerusalem in the 637 CE. In 1099 Jerusalem was captured by the Christian army of the First Crusade and remained in their hands until recaptured by Arab Muslims led by Saladin in 1187. The city was captured and its walls was destroyed and rebuilt back and forth by Christians, Muslim, Tartars.
Between 1948 (after the 1948 Israeli war of Independence) and 1967 the Old City was occupied by Jordan that denied Jews entrance to Jewish holy sites even for the purpose of praying. The current walls were built in 1538 by the Muslim Ottoman Empire Sultan Suleiman the Magnificient. The walls stretch for approximately 4.5 kilometers, (2.8 miles), and rise to a height of 5–15 meters, (16–49 feet), with a thickness of 3 meters, (10 ft). Altogether, the Old City walls contain 43 surveillance towers and 11 gates, seven of which are presently open.